Friday, June 15, 2018

A Little of This and That

We've had a busy week starting with getting a new shower installed in our master bath.  Our home is 45 years old and the original tile wasn't holding up.  We're happy with the new shower and it certainly looks a lot better than the old tiles that I frankly could never keep clean.  There is always something that needs to be done when you own a home, isn't it?  We try to get a major project done each year to keep things up to date.  It's easier on the pocketbook that way for us. 

The silkworm moth fell to his demise among the moss in the side yard.

Our daughter came for a short visit this week as well.  We enjoyed being with her and she took us all out to dinner to celebrate Father's Day while she was here.  Living so far apart makes it difficult for us all to get together, but we make the most of it when we can.

While she was here we were able to enjoy some time on the patio and a game of bocce ball.

Have you had your eyes checked lately?  I'm told we should do that every year, but we never do.  I guess we're at the age where we really should.  As we are aging I find there are many things we "should" do!  Soon we both need to take our prescriptions and get new glasses. 

It doesn't take new glasses to see we need to do some edging in this bed.  The shrubbery needs a haircut as well.

We did get to the pruning of the shrubbery out front.  There are azaleas that we prune out there that must be done before the middle of June or we are sacrificing buds for next year.

Our son and grands are coming for a visit this weekend, so I've planned our menu and baked a pan of brownies.  I can now find a tablecloth easily without having to iron.

I've been ironing all the linens that have been in a pile on my laundry table downstairs.  Being one who doesn't particularly like ironing, I've been quite lazy about that job.  Recently, Cheryl at Thinking About Home, wrote a post about ironing her linens.  That made me do some serious thinking about getting that task done.  I'm so happy that chore is almost done.  I even got Grayden to give up a few shelves in the chifferobe to store my large collection of linens.  I used to have them in a few drawers in the guest room.  This was not a good place as there were too many tablecloths along with napkins.  Having done this job really makes me happy.  Thank you Cheryl for the inspiration.

Summer will be here soon and I can already tell by the flowers that are in pots that they now require frequent watering.  We have had quite a bit of rain this June so far--5.2 inches--unheard of for us!  It's been a lovely Spring and now we're looking forward to a happy Summer.  Do you have plans?  The beach?  The pool?  A vacation or staycation?  Whatever you have planned, I hope you find joy in your days. ♥