Saturday, February 3, 2018

February Thoughts

January is in the rear view mirror and now we have flipped the calendar to February!  Our weather patterns have been a little crazy from warm in the 60's to freezing in the teens.  Looking back at my gardening journals,  I see this is not unusual for us in winter.

The only thing blooming around here is my African Violet.  Do you like them?  They are quite old fashioned, but I guess that's what I like so I've always had them.  They remind me of my Nanny's place.  She grew the prettiest ones.


The beautiful Blue Moon made her appearance the last of January.  It's amazing to me that we all gaze at the same celestial bodies no matter where we live on this planet.  What a wonderful world we live in!

Our bird feeders continue to delight us.  These two male and female pileated woodpeckers usually visit us every day when we are having our dinner.  I had to buy more suet yesterday as these big boys eat a lot!

Many different birds enjoy our back garden and it really thrills us when we see a bluebird.  This old crooked bluebird box has seen better days.  The hole has been changed by larger birds through the years.  This fellow is wondering what happened!

A great game to play with your children or grands is Jenga.  Our two youngest grands enjoy playing as well as Grayden and I.  Samuel is looking forward to a match when his Mom comes for a visit tomorrow.  

On warm days you will find us taking our walk around the neighborhood.  During the really freezing days we opt for mall walking.  Yesterday was so windy and cold there was no way we would be walking outdoors so we walked at the mall for a while.  I'm afraid the arthritis in my knee is acting up again this winter, so we had to cut that walk short.  I'm very disappointed that this issue is rearing its ugly head again!  I really need to do the exercises my PT prescribed last year.  Unfortunately when I'm not hurting I become quite lax in doing them.   Changes that happen as we age can be quite disconcerting.

"None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm"
Henry David Thoreau

I try to always remember that getting older is a privilege and one that is not given to everyone.