Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Father's Day Reunion

I could hardly contain myself on Father's Day.  We finally were reunited with our son and his boys for Father's Day.  After having a virtual visit with our daughter and son-in-law, our son and his family came up to celebrate.  They only live 50 miles from us, but because of Covid-19 we have been keeping our distance.  Our daughter has not been able to travel the 600 miles safely so we will have to wait to see her.  Hopefully we will all be together before too long.

After having a dinner of Ribs and fixings we ventured outside to take a few photos.  I am astonished how tall my grandsons have become since seeing them last January.  

Our grandsons will surely pass their Dad's height soon!

Bear and his grandsons!

Boo and Bear (our grandparent names) are so proud of our grandsons.  We are so blessed to have such kind, sweet, smart grandsons!

Family means everything to me.  This time apart has been quite difficult.  I'm so happy to have had a great day to honor the Dads in our family.