Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Springtime Blossoms

Every Spring the world around our home blossoms.  I've shown photos of our garden for the five years I've been blogging.  If you don't mind I'll share what it's looking like around here now.  I can't help it, I love gardening and Spring!

The dogwoods have been lovely this year, but such a short time in the sun!  It's been so warm they are now waning.

"The Spring came suddenly,
bursting upon the world
as a child bursts into a room,
with a laugh and a shout
and hands full of flowers." 

The daffodils are over their blooms and then the narcissus and grape hyacinths were blooming.

The bleeding heart comes back to our delight every Spring, usually around Easter.  

The wood violets that I planted last year are blooming so pretty this year.  I know some consider them a weed, but to me they are lovely.

Not everything is all flowers and blooms around our home.  Last week on Monday morning during the wee hours we experienced a very ferocious storm.  The above photo is taken from our compost area showing the hickory tree that fell during the storm.  We were so lucky that we only lost our tree!  Our children's old swing frame saved our fence.  The tree is gone now and I'm sure we will miss it.  It's always sad to lose a tree! 

The perennial bed is alive with color.  Veronica speedwell is filling in nicely.  It's a joy to watch old faithfuls return. 

The nodding columbine is beginning to blossom.  Their sweet shy heads are purple and red in my garden.  The red are having a slower start.

The pulmonaria continues to reseed itself all over the garden.

The pink azaleas out front are full of blooms. 

The white ones out back have a larger bloom and are quite lovely.

The pirate bluejays are frequent visitors the last few days!  Grayden's family owned a darling set of books, Book Trails for Baby Feet, that has a sweet story about the pirate bluejay.  Very appropriate for these characters!  Our daughter now has that set in her home as she loved these books.

It's a wonderful time of year watching the earth come alive again!