Monday, June 3, 2019

A Little Blog Break

Hello everyone!  The days are getting longer and time in the garden is busier than ever.  We've been trimming a lot of overgrown Aucuba that seems to need a haircut every couple of years.  Thank goodness my sweetheart likes to join me in gardening tasks!  The Wisteria is in the stage that I've referenced before as Love/Hate.  The Love stage is over and now we need to keep our shears sharpened to take care of its long, ever growing tendrils.  All these chores are happily done on a lovely day such as today.

This America Climbing rose is finally taking off in our garden.  Though still just a little over two years old, she has produced many lovely blooms to grace our table.

We bought this little bird to sit on the ledge overlooking our patio.  He was inexpensive, so I'm not sure he wants to sit out in the weather.

The little purple finch is wondering what in the world that little fellow is on the ledge.  He really doesn't know, but is happy to have his feeder full of safflower seed.  Did you know squirrels don't like it?  If you have a problem with squirrels raiding your feeders, buy safflower seed.

The Pulmonaria is filling in the garden nicely.  Its speckled leaves add interest to the many shades of green.

I enjoy having Hosta in our partially shady garden. 

The old Oak Leaf Hydrangea is beginning to light up the garden with its white blossoms.

This year the month of June is going to be quite busy for me.  I wanted to let you all know I won't be blogging or visiting your lovely posts during this month.   I do look forward to checking in with all of you in July.  

Thank you as always for leaving such lovely comments and sharing your time with me.  


  1. You have a gorgeous garden. I hope what you're going to be doing in June is a good thing. I will miss your blog posts and comments!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I will miss you, but understand. As you know, I am taking a social media break but I shall continue to blog. I hope June whizzes by so we will be treated to your lovely garden and your travelling soonest!

    ~~~Waving~~~From Across the Pond~~~Deb in Wales xoxo

  3. Your garden looks beautiful. I know to keep it that way takes a lot of effort. Enjoy June!

  4. Your flowers and plants all look so healthy! Enjoy your time off from blogging and we’ll catch up with you in July!

  5. Martha, your garden is absolutely stunning, so refreshing. Enjoy your break as you enjoy working in your beautiful garden. I receive so much pleasure when out and about in my garden.

  6. Wonderful pictures!Love that cute garden statue!

  7. I do love the photos from your garden Martha Ellen. All truly beautiful! Enjoy your blogging break.

  8. Your garden is gorgeous, Martha Ellen. And thanks for the tip on the safflower seed. It will be my next seed purchase!

  9. I do hope you will have a lovely blog break and a lovely June. We all need to get away once in awhile!

  10. That rose is simply lovely, Martha Ellen. The little bird sitting on your patio is so cute. The purple finch made me smile, it's such a pretty bird. I hope you have a nice blog break. We really need them once in awhile....just to catch up with things. I'll be here when you return, Martha Ellen. Try to stay cool. It's getting hot here already. : )


    ps....I know how much you love flowers, and I just shared lots of flowers on my post today. : )


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