Saturday, April 4, 2020

Staying Safe

How are you all doing while staying safe and away from friends and family?  I admit it is quite hard not to see my son and daughter and grandchildren.  This is probably the longest we have all been apart.  Since not seeing them while we went on our 57 day South American adventure and now not knowing when we will be visiting again has caused some angst for my heart.  I imagine the same is true for many.  

I'm so thankful that we can still take our daily morning walks.  It's a great time to share with my sweetheart and get exercise.  I find being in nature is good for my mental health.  We took the camera with us this morning so I'd like to share the beauty that greeted us.

The ospreys swooping over the river caught our attention.  We continued on the path spotting another one having his breakfast.

Getting outside in the sunshine always makes my soul feel refreshed.  Seeing nature in action is a privilege.  

Mockingbirds were flitting around the path this morning.

We are so lucky to have such a beautiful walk by the river and then beside the canal.

The redbuds are blooming in Virginia.  They are spectacular with their never ending blooms. 

Every morning the cororants are at their posts on the rocks along the fall line.  Every now and then they dive under and get a fish.

Though not a great photo, we were thrilled to spot this bald eagle.

It's so interesting to see the turtles climb on the logs in the canal to sun themselves.  Our grandson reminded us that they are ectotherms, meaning they are cold blooded and get their heat from their environment. 

The canal section of our walk is so peaceful with a turtle or a duck or occasional goose.

We both are incredibly thankful to be able to continue to take our walks.  Please stay safe, my friends.