Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Costa Rica from My Balcony

 In my last post I shared that I tested positive for Covid while onboard the Queen Elizabeth voyage.  During my 10 day isolation I filled my days with many things.  The first thing I had to come to grips with was not being with Grayden.  I was so thankful that we could chat whenever we wished using the internal phone in each of our staterooms. 

Every day at home Grayden and I enjoy little moments when we connect with each other.  We always observe Elevenses and Afternoon Tea.  It's usually nothing fancy, just a cup of tea for me and coffee for Grayden.  We usually have a square of dark chocolate for Elevenses and maybe some strawberries for Afternoon Tea along with our drinks.  So Grayden decided we would still keep up this tradition, though we were separated.  At 11am each morning he called me and we would talk and enjoy Elevenses.  Grayden had chocolate from the daily turndown each evening.  I would save some cheese from breakfast.  We toasted each other and kept our tradition and our sanity!  The same thing was practiced for Afternoon Tea.  Though we couldn't go to the Queen's Room, we did talk at 3pm and shared some nuts or cheese left from our lunch tray.


The two photos above were taken when we could go to Afternoon Tea in the Queen's Room.  It's a wonderful afternoon indulgence!

Grayden had the Librarian call me and had books sent to me.  I had bought a book already that I quickly finished while in isolation.  There is a quite extensive library on Cunard ships.  It was so nice to name favorite authors and have them sent to me.  Grayden also sent the camera to me as he thought I would enjoy photographing from my balcony.  He was right!  

As the Queen Elizabeth approached Costa Rica is was nice to be able to at least photograph the island before me.

The Pilot Boat with the Harbor Pilot came to let him off to guide the Queen Elizabeth into the port of Puntarenas (Sand Point).


As you can see it's a lovely, beautiful, sunny day.  We have been to Costa Rica before.  It's a lovely place to visit if you get the chance.  This time we will enjoy seeing it from afar as we had to cancel our onshore excursion.

Costa Rica (rich coast) has a wide variety of plants and animals.  Being tropical you can imagine such diversity.  Costa Rica is known for their coffee production in the highland areas.  Puntarenas was not developed as a port until 1840 when coffee production reached exportable volumes.  Oxcarts were originally used to bring the coffee to the port and then railways were constructed as a more efficient means of transporting goods. 

In the afternoon, I enjoyed my view and the glorious sunshine as I sat on the balcony and read.

It was also a good time to do my nails and look for sea life and birds.
As the afternoon wore on I could see a storm brewing to the east.

The sky began to darken quickly, but never reached the ship with its rain.  It did afford some lovely skies, though.

Don't you love seeing the golden hour after a storm?  

I certainly did that first day of isolation!  

It's important to me to record this time as difficult as it was.  I am not a very social person and one would think this would be an easy time, but alas that was far from the truth!  Thank you for coming on this journey with us.  Next up we will be visiting Manzanillo, Mexico, if you'd like to see my views from my balcony. 


Monday, August 15, 2022

Continuing Our Recent Voyage

 As most of you know, we recently went on a thirty day voyage.  I have been recording about it on this blog.  If you wish to catch up, it all resides under the travel tab above.

After enjoying our transit through the Panama Canal, the Queen Elizabeth traveled along the coastline of Central America.  

Grayden and I both knew the dangers of traveling by ship during this pandemic.  There are strict regulations on Cunard regarding ship travel that made us feel better.  As I've said before we both have had our vaccinations and two boosters.  Two days before the voyage each passenger has to test negative in order to continue with travel plans.  Also every four days each passenger is retested.  Our first test onboard we both tested negative.  

Onboard everyone was required to wear a mask.  While taking photos, if no one was around, we took our masks off.  We didn't ride in an elevator with others as well.  The only time we took our masks off was outside the ship and in the dining room.

The Queen Elizabeth is so lovely inside!  She truly lives up to her name.

The ship is full of beautiful memories here and there about the corridors.

Queen Elizabeth christened the ship in Southampton, England in 2010.  She has long been associated with Cunard ships.  She launched the Queen Elizabeth 2 in 1967 and the Queen Mary 2 in 2004.

I will share more about Her Majesty and the Queen Elizabeth as our days progress on the ship.

On our next day onboard we were all required to go have another antigen test.  On May 22nd ( our oldest grand's birthday), Grayden and I went into the Queen's Room to get tested.  We had already been to the Britainnia for breakfast and walked around the promenade 3 times. We went back to our stateroom to prepare for the rest of the day and we get the dreaded phone call!  Yes, I tested positive for Covid and now must be in isolation for 6 days!  In my journal I wrote that after a few tears and much sadness, I had to be escourted to my new isolation stateroom.  I will admit I was far from being happy, but knew I had to leave my sweetheart and go into isolation!  I packed a few things for my stay and was escourted to my new home.  Grayden and I were devastated.  At this point I really didn't feel poorly except for a cold.  Funny thing is, Grayden had just gotten over a cold and I thought that is what was happening to me, not Covid.

Thank goodness I was put in a stateroom just like the one I left and still had a balcony.  Though I was very sad, I had no choice but to comply with the rules onboard!  

Grayden was considered a close contact and needed to be tested every day!  He had to have his meals in the stateroom and was not allowed anywhere on the ship where folks gathered without masks.  Needless to say this was not what either of us wanted.  On day six I would be tested again and then if negative I could return to our stateroom.  Sadly on the sixth day I was still positive and had to spend a total of ten days in isolation.

Grayden always was negative, thank goodness!  I'll be sharing my photos from this ten day isolation period. 


As sad as this turn of events was, we made the most of it! 

"Life is not always not always what one wants it to be., but to make the best of it as it is the only way of being happy." ~ Lady Randolph Churchill

Tuesday, August 9, 2022


When I was a child I loved summer!  Endless carefree days walking barefoot walking on the clover lawn full of honey bees.  Whenever I stepped on one I would pull out the stinger and go on my way.  Bike rides with my friends and siblings filled our days.  The key to our roller skates was always nearby to grab and skate the sidewalks that surrounded our neighborhood.

Our male cardinal is wondering why I don't like summer anymore.  I've wondered the same!  Looking outside where the heat and humidity is soaring keeps this gal inside instead of where I wish I could be.  Early morning walks give me a chance to be outdoors for a little while and are enjoyed.

Just like the days of when I was young, I love going to the beach.  Our family beach week bought us all together recently.  Sitting under an umbrella in a beach chair is one of my greatest joys!  Being with our loved ones reminds me of how truly blessed we are.  Spending these days together, laughing, beach walking, and sharing meals make it all worth our efforts to be together.  Our grands are now practically grown.  Our youngest is a senior in high school this year, our middle a sophomore in college and our oldest grand lives with us as he finishes his education.  My goodness how can time be passing so quickly.  

It reminds me of the life of a butterfly!  

I don't wish to not enjoy one day of this precious life.  

As our daughter and son-in-law left the beach early on our last day, I was treated to a sight that thrilled me!  It's really not hard to find joy as it is all around me!