Sunday, February 27, 2022

Something a Little Different

Realizing I haven't posted for a while, I began looking through my photos for inspiration.  Our life tends to follow the same pattern each day and the sameness doesn't seem worthy of posting. 

Same old, same old can be boring but there is great comfort in that for me.  I do admit the last couple of years have been a challenge for me and no doubt all of us.  Now with the world situation growing more tense daily rituals are even more important to me to keep my sanity.  

Traveling during retirement has always been a dream for us.  We have had four major trips cancelled during these times.  Without sounding like a spoiled child, I will stop beating that drum.
Over Valentine's Day we were able to take another trip to Colonial Williamsburg.  Yes, I know my last couple of posts have been about there.  But this is our "go to" spot for now.  The above photo shows a very large oak with large clusters of mistletoe.  Trees during the winter months are so interesting showing off their silhoulettes against the blue sky.  Milstletoe is hemi-parasitic with most large trees able to survive having it on its limbs.

Back at home we have been cleaning up after our January 3rd snow storm.  We unfortunately have lost 3 large arborvitae trees.  Thinking we would need to hire someone to remove the 35-40 ft trees left us thinking we would wait until our tree guys weren't quite as busy.  These trees were leaning almost to the ground, so we felt we could take care of them.  So over the last week Grayden has taken them down and we had our wonderful trashman take them away.  I sure do miss their presence!  

Grayden and I took a walk around the lake for the first time in a while.  We certainly enjoyed the lovely walk, but were very sad to see the many downed trees there as well. 

One morning while lacing my shoes for a walk, I spotted out the window a very large bird on our fence!

We often see turkey vultures flying,  but not this close to our home.  Though he's not the prettiest bird in the kingdom, we would all not be happy without these very interesting birds.  Seeing him sent me on a search to learn more about him.  I learned they really don't have a song, but will hiss if threatened!  Their V patterned flight is quite noteworthy as they soar on thermals in search of carrion.  I noticed no evidence as to why he chose our fence that morning.  It's always exciting to see what critters pass our way, but I must admit this was quite a surprise!

It's hard for me not to mention the people of Ukraine.  I'm praying that peace will come soon.  Please remember the people of eastern Europe in your prayers.