Monday, October 23, 2023

A Ferry Ride Across the James

 Whenever we are staying in Williamsburg for a few days we always try to go over to Surry County on the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry.  The chill of the early morning soon gave way to the perfect warm Autumn day on the James river.

The ferry operates 365 days a year between James City County and Surry County in Virginia.  We drove our car onto the free ferry at Jamestown.

Four ferries operate between the two counties-the Williamsburg, the Pocahantas, the Powhatan, and the Surry ferry.

Even the gulls want a free ride every now and then!  

Riding over we see the ships at Jamestown-the Susan Constant, the Discovery, and the Godspeed. 

The monument at Jamestown comes into view as well.  This monument was erected in 1907 at the 300th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown in 1607.  The inscription on its base reads--Jamestown the first permanent colony of the English people.  The birthplace of Virginia and the United States, May 13, 1607.

Once we traveled across the river the exited the ferry and took a ride to the Surry Seafood Company for lunch.  We had eaten here last year and were ready to enjoy some seafood.

Grayden and I shared the seafood platter of shrimp, scallops, grouper, and crab cake.  After our delicious lunch we walked the docks behind the restuarant.  


It was a lovely afternoon to take in the views along Gray's Creek Marina.  

  Autumn colored the creek edges with her golden palate.

It was one of those perfect Autumn days for Grayden and I!  

Thank you for taking a look at our time across the James on the ferry!

Enjoy the fleeting days of Autumn, my friends!

Thursday, October 19, 2023

October Celebrations

October is a special month for Grayden and I.  I've written about it every October since I've been blogging.  Both of our birthdays are this month and it's also our 56th anniversary! We are so blessed to have each other!  Being with the one you love so long we both bought each other the same anniversary card!   

This has been a very trying time for Grayden and I as he has had health issues since we returned home from our World Voyage the last of May.  Our area is suffering from lack of specialists that Grayden needed to see.  We had to wait until September 15th before seeing the proper doctor and get a diagnosis.  Then tests and tests and more tests.  Boy are we tired.  I've always wanted to keep things positive here, but this situation has been less than positive for our mental health--more me than my sweetheart...He is now on meds that are helping him immensely.  His neuropathy has lessened and surgery is scheduled for next week for severe carpal tunnel in both hands.  They preform one hand and then wait until that heals and then the other. 

Between tests Grayden invited me to Williamsburg for a respite away and celebrate our blessings.  If you have read here for very long you know we go to Colonial Williamsburg whenever we can.  Here are some photos from our time there.

Walking every morning was good for our souls.  We never tire of our visits to this unique living museum.

Wonderful Autumn sweater weather greeted us daily.  Even on the one rainy day we had we walked the area with our umbrellas. 

The handsome dovescote behind the George Wythe house is ready for residents.  Doves or pigeons would certainly love it here.

There are many folks enjoying this beautiful day here in Colonial Williamsburg.

All the pretty different fences here make me smile.

Relaxing and recentering was exactly what we needed.  Colonial Williamsburg was good medicine for us.  It was a lovely week and one that we will always remember fondly.

Thank you for stopping by my little space.