Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Christmas Decorating

Celebrating Christmas is one of the joys that make us all happy.  This is the 57th Christmas we have celebrated as a married couple.  Collecting decorations through the years has accumulated to quite a lot!  Being one that has a hard time getting rid of collections the boxes are really too many for me to place about our home these days.

This year has been quite joyous for Grayden and I.  We were able to go on a World Voyage for the first five months of the year. 

When we returned home Grayden began to have many health issues.  We have had quite a time figuring it all out with specialists.  It's all been quite frustrating, particularly getting appointments with the proper doctors. 

After three surgeries, we are praying that he will be feeling better.  His next appointment with a specialist is scheduled for the middle of February!  This is shocking to us that we have to wait that long.

We must be patient.  In the meanwhile we are enjoying the views outside our windows.  It is wonderful to see so many beautiful creatures.  A couple of weeks ago we even saw a very large fox across our road!

The chatterbox wren loves to sit on the railing singing his tunes!

We both enjoy daily walks together when Grayden is up to doing so.  This morning we got a thrill when we came home from a walk.  Going up the driveway we heard the call of a Bald Eagle!  He began flying around and ended up perching in the oak tree out back. 

Saying we were both delighted is an understatement!  He stayed around long enough to allow me to go inside and get my camera!

Though the photos are not perfect, it was a perfect moment for us.

We have lived in our home for 50 years now and this is the first time we've ever had an eagle land so close to us in our yard!

Observing nature has always been wonderful for us.  Bald Eagles have really made a comeback over the years we have lived here between the Rappahannock and Potomac rivers.

Thank you for stopping by, my friends,  I hope your days are full of joy!