Thursday, September 22, 2022

And Just Like That It's Autumn!

 The calendar says today is the Autumn Equinox.  I love Autumn days as we turn off the air conditioning for the last time.  Our HVAC maintenance fellow came by on Monday to make sure our heat will work when it's needed.  Well, heat is not needed yet in Virginia even though it's officially Autumn.  A small rain storm just left our area and did bring cooler temperatures.  The rain was such a welcome event, though not much in the rain gauge.  My poor gardens are so dry!  I hold off with supplemental watering of beds, saving the water only for pots. 

The yellow Autumn crocus (Sternbergia Lutea) don't seem to mind the lack of rain.  My dear departed neighbor gave me a few corms many years ago.  They have multiplied and I spread them in needed areas as I clean out my beds.  They are such a welcome sight letting me know that Autumn is approaching.

Grayden and I were able to squeeze in another trip to the beach at the beginning of the month.  As you all know, it's my happy place!

We've been working our way back to our longer walks and the beach is the perfect spot for that. 

Unfortunately while we were there we learned of the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.  Though we knew she wouldn't live forever, we certainly were shocked.  It's still hard to believe.  

Sunrises at the beach always thrill me!  How amazing to watch the sun rise over the ocean.

Sunsets took our breath away as well.

Our youngest grand turned 18 recently!  Wow, we're getting old!  Miles wanted a pullup bar for his birthday so we decided to gift him one.  I've never been able to do a pullup in my life, so I was impressed!

We enjoyed a nice visit with our family.  Our grands are so grownup now.  Time really is flying!

As summer struggles to give way to autumn, I wish you many moments to treasure.

" Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go." Unknown