Monday, June 26, 2023


 Hello, Friends!  Long time, no see.  I know it's been me missing in action.  I mentioned in my last post before Christmas that I would be taking a long break and would hopefully be returning in spring!  Well, spring is no longer here, but I'll be trying to post and visit you all soon.

Grayden and I have been on a fantastic voyage for five months!  As you all know, we adore traveling and have been so fortunate to be able to go to places we never dreamed of visiting.  After being gone from home for this long it has taken us forever to get caught up with loose ends at home.  Our wonderful grandson, Samuel, held down the fort for us and we are so grateful!  This is the longest trip we have ever taken.  It was a dream come true in so many ways.  I hope you will share our joy as I try to share the trip of a lifetime for us! 

Our favorite mode of travel at this point in our life is by ship.  We booked our voyage on the Queen Mary 2 for our travel from January 3, 2023.  In fact, we had booked this voyage originally for 2021, but you know because of Covid this trip was cancelled twice.  So this was our year to take our dream voyage!

Thank you to all of my friends that inquired about us.  I missed you all.  I don't do any social media when traveling.  Thank you for understanding our desire to enjoy every moment. 

"The best education I have ever received, was  through travel."  Lisa Ling