Monday, April 19, 2021

April Days

April has been so lovely.  How can I let another week go by without acknowledging the blessings that have visited.  Yes, there is still so much going on in our world that can make me cry at the drop of a hat.    

Isn't it wonderful when the garden comes alive with jewels? 

 Bringing flowers inside to fill pitchers and vases and old bottles.

 I heard a gardener say that Spring brings an embarrassment of color.  Though I don't think I'd go that far, it is a season that comes on fast and furious with blossoms everywhere.

One of the loveliest flowering trees is the Dogwood.  Birds have planted many in our garden and it thrills my soul.

The first week of April a part of our family was able to get together at the beach for a week.  It was wonderful for Boo and Bear to enjoy time with our two youngest grandsons and son that has been a long time coming.

 The weather was so beautiful for us to enjoy long walks and fun on the beach.  There was time for games on the beach for the guys, while I lazily watched the waves with dolphin feeding.  Spending time talking to our grands about everything and nothing is always special.  One afternoon we were talking to our youngest grand about the past year and what it meant to him.  When he mentioned the lack of seeing us I could feel tears well in my eyes.  My goodness what a year this has been for all of us!

An eighteenth birthday was properly celebrated with dinner out in a restaurant.  We hardly knew how to act as it has been well over a year since we have eaten out.  


This week away meant the world to us!  I've always been thankful for my family and spending time with them, but this year has pointed out to me the extreme importance of each family get together.  Our daughter and son-in-law even commented to us on Skype that we looked more relaxed after our time away.  They will be visiting with us next month to celebrate their son's birthday. 

 I pray that Spring has brought a renewed spirit to your heart.