Monday, August 30, 2021

Goodbye August!

August will soon be out the door and September will be upon us.  Cooler temperatures and cozy days will be welcome.  I do pray that Ida will do little damage to you and yours.  This summer has brought so much rain to certain parts of the country and left others so dry.  I really don't recall such a wet August for us.  The grass needs mowing weekly and honestly could use it more often.

As we were going through some items to give to Amvets, we came across a puzzle we had never worked.  Samuel told us he had worked it while we were in South America last year.  It seemed like a good time to put it on the Florida room table for us to work.  We both admit a black and white puzzle is difficult, but we finished the challenge and have now gotten out another one of the Portland Head Lighthouse.  It's fun to work puzzles of places we have visited.  Years ago we visited with our grandson the Old Man of the Mountain in New Hampshire as well as the Portland Head Lighthouse.


It's interesting that the Old Man of the Mountain is no longer viewable as he fell in 2003!  On one of our visits back to New England he had fallen the evening before we arrived.  We're so glad we were able to visit and take our grandson there all those years ago.  The cliff edges formed a profile of an old man on Cannon Mountain in the White Mountains in Franconia, New Hampster--Alex, our middle grand, always referred to New Hampshire as New Hampster.  Alex just began his freshman year of college and I'm sure would be thrilled at my mention of this family tidbit.  We've been known to have long memories of such things!

The roses have been giving me a blossom or two.  I do love bringing flowers inside to enjoy.  With the cooler temperatures coming we hopefully will have many more.

"the real evidence of growing older is that things level off in importance...Days are no longer jagged peaks to climb; time is a meadow, and we move over it with level steps." 
Gladys Taber

Monday, August 16, 2021

August in the Garden

 Rainy days in August is quite unusual for us here in Virginia.  Our family beach week proved that to be untrue.  Though rain and the beach don't often go together, we still enjoyed time spent with our children, our grands and our nephew and his family.   

Thunderstorms have been abundant since we returned home.  Many large limbs have been pruned by the wind and heavy weight that rain brings.  Last week found us cleaning up the garden.  I noticed another large limb has fallen in the back and will need to be taken care of soon. 

Between raindrops I've gathered rudbekia blooms for the dining table.  

Looking outdoors there is much to observe.

The Hummingbird moth enjoys time gathering nectar at the buddleia.  They are members of the Spinx Moth family (Sphingidae).  

The buddleia is such a wonderful shrub to have close to a window to attract the wonders of nature.

The vinca on the patio is also attracting butterflies.  Just when I thought we wouldn't be seeing many, they have come in abundance. 

 The Black Swallowtails are quite busy gathering nectar on the patio.


The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail made his appearance as well.

He is also the Virginia state insect (Papilio glaucus).

I love all butterflies, but I'm always honored when the Monarch visits my garden!

Please indulge me while I click away with my camera.

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty."  Maya Angelou