Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Quarantine Blues

Sorry I haven't written for a while now.  I'm not feeling all that great about things since we've been back home from our trip to South America.  I felt by now I would surely want to relive all the beauty we experienced, but I'm just not there yet to share.  

I've always wanted to keep my posts positive and upbeat.  Honestly I haven't felt that way for a while now.  Please forgive me as this Covid-19 virus pandemic is quite scary.  I feel folks are not taking it as serious as they should!

I truly believe those folks are making it last longer than is necessary!  This is a rant, but it's my blog so I'm posting what's in my heart.

Grayden and I are staying home except to grocery shop and take a daily walk on the Heritage Trail.  Our walks are becoming quite frustrating to us as many folks don't adhere to social distancing!  Yes, we have a choice not to walk, but frankly this irritates me to no end.  The trail is clearly marked to keep a six foot distance when passing.  Frankly we pass hundreds of folks each day.  We walk off the path to keep our distance when there is space to do so. 

For heaven's sake, what's wrong with people?  I know they are tired of this sheltering in place.  Okay, you would think I would feel better to let it go, but frankly I don't. 

My garden helps me to stay grounded.  How are you doing with the quarantine?